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Harper Tax & Financial Literacy Group was created to help the community build a better understanding of finance. Kenny is FIRST a father, who’s love for family fuels his hunger to create better opportunities for the community. Over the last 20 years he has built relationships in the community which gave him insight into a dire need. Knowing he could do better, it became a journey of personal development & self study. This journey has led to a unique understanding of finance & insurance. His areas of focus include Tax Preparation & Planning, Strategies for rebuilding Credit, Using insurance to build and protect wealth & many other techniques for improving personal finances. Kenny has grown a passion for helping others through his knowledge of Finance, due to his past poor decision making. Mr. Harper strives to provide opportunities for others that he didn’t have, by Becoming YOUR FINANCIAL PARTNER!

Kenny Harper

Financial Specialist

Established in 2020, Harper Tax & Financial Literacy Group is a full-service firm, offering affordable Tax & Insurance solutions to individuals and businesses. We focus on being an Advocate for our clients.

We work to EDUCATE & EMPOWER the Community!

Creating Homeowners!!

Creating Understanding of Money!!

Creating Entrepreneurs!!

Success Through Partnership

We PARTNER with others to help BUILD a stronger COMMUNITY.

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